Procedure in the Recruitment of EPS Workers to Korea As Of March 2022


Pinoy EPS in Korea

Disclaimer: The information posted here was directly copied from POEA official website HERE.

Here's the updated Procedure in the Recruitment of EPS Workers to Korea As Of March 2022 (Post Pandemic)

To ensure proper guidance to the public, the following procedure shall be maintained in the recruitment of Filipino workers under the Point System of the Employment Permit System (EPS) through Government-to-Government hiring program, pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) of the Republic of Korea and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) of the Republic of the Philippines.

In implementing the MOU, MOEL designates the Human Resource Development Service of Korea (HRD-Korea) as the receiving agency while DOLE designates the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as the only sending agency in the Philippines.

The POEA provided the official announcement of the conduct of EPS recruitment process for every year. The information shall be posted at the POEA website,, which includes among others the following:

a. Registration process

b. Test Schedule Test Fee

d. Point Distribution

e. Passing score

f. Conditions upon inclusion in the Roster of jobseekers

1 . Registration process

Applicants shall register their application within the scheduled 3-day period either thru manual or online procedure.

Corresponding test fee shall be charged per applicant payable directly to the HRDKorea account ,

2. EPS - Test on Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

The 1 st round of Test (either Paper-based or Computer-based Test) will consist of

Reading and Listening modules of 25 minutes each module ,

3. Skills and Competency Test

Only Passers from the 1 st round of test will be eligible to take this 2 nd round of test.

Skills test will consist of three (3) parts, that is,

a. Physical strength Test including Ishihara Color Blind test,

b. Basic Skills Test, and

c. Interview,

Competency Test is the submission of Certificates of Employment for those who have work experiences in their chosen industries and/or a National Certificate and Diploma or completed Training Course related to their chosen industries.

4. Job Seeker's Roster

4.1 Passers of the 2nd round of test shall be required to submit to the POEA the following documents:

a. Medical Test result

b. Scanned copy of valid passport

c. Duly accomplished Information Sheet for EPS Passers Form

4.2   POEA will submit to HRD-Korea the information of these passers using the Korea's Online Sending Public Agency System (SPAS).

4.3   Passers may then create their respective EPS account and shall be informed of their status including the approval by the HRD-Korea to be officially included in the Job-seeker Roster.

4.4   However, one's inclusion in the Roster is not yet a guarantee of any job in Korea; it only means that he/she would be considered an active job-seeker and would be given preference in the selection process.

4.5   The Roster will be valid for one (1) year. Upon expiration, job seekers shall coordinate with POEA for the renewal which shall be within the validity period of their test (Point System) result.

5. Labor Contract

Upon selection of a worker in the Roster, the Employer will draw up a labor contract and the HRD Korea will send the contract to POEA for processing and shall be signed/accepted by the worker within fourteen (14) days.

The POEA will explain the content of the labor contract to each selected worker from the Roster, including the type of industry of employer, so that the worker can fully understand it and decide whether or not to sign the labor contract of the worker's own free will.

6. Pre-Departure Education

The POEA will conduct a pre-departure education/Korean Language and Culture Training (KLCT) Refresher promptly for the workers who have a signed labor contracts schedule of which shall be agreed by both HRD-Korea and POEA

7. Visa Issuance

Upon receipt of the Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI) from the

HRD Korea, POEA will inform the workers immediately and facilitate their applications for the issuance of visas at the Korean diplomatic mission in the Philippines.

Application of visa shall be done within three (3) months validity period of the CCVI.

POEA is the only organization authorized to assist in visa applications ,

8. Deployment process

The POEA and the HRD-Korea will confirm the entry date for workers who are issued with the CCVI at least one (1) week prior to their entry.

The POEA will take necessary measures in making flight reservations in advance, to ensure that workers can enter Korea on the scheduled date. The MOEL and the POLO will be advised of the confirmed flight schedule of the workers for proper assistance upon their arrival/entry in Korea.

The MOEL will conduct the post-arrival education and medical checkup for workers before they start working. The MOEL will determine the organization(s) in charge of the post-arrival education and medical checkup.

The POLO would be given a schedule during the post arrival education to present to the newly arrived workers its programs and services for EPS workers.

9. Post-Deployment

The MOEL-HRD Korea will assist returning workers to receive their insurance payments from the Departure Guarantee Insurance and Return Cost Insurance before departing from Korea and will give support for those who have already returned home but were not able to receive or apply for their claims.

10.       Important Announcement

All applicants are reminded of POEA Advisory No. 147, series of 2020 "POEA warns jobseekers to South Korea about Language Center Scams"