A 24 Hours Itinerary to Busan

Do you want to go to Busan but you have no time? Well, you can do visit it and become productive in just a span of 24 hours, just like what I did. So today, I am sharing to you the itinerary that I made for all the busy people out there who want to go to Busan but no ample time to do so.

Day 1:

10:00 AM – Arrive at Busan Station

  • Depending on where you are coming from, the fare and the time of travel going to Busan vary. There are a lot of ways to go to Busan, you can take a train or a bus. The most expensive way to go there but the most convenient as it only takes shorter amount of time to reach the destination is via Express train. To save money, why don’t you get up early and take bus or regular train instead. 
  • Expenses: Fare starts at 37,000 KRW via regular train from Seoul.

10:00 AM – 10:30 AM – Travel to Oryukdo

  • From Busan Station, go to Exit 10. Then take Bus number 27 and get off at Oryukdo SK View Humun bus stop, about 25 stops from Busan Station. 
  • Expenses: Bus Fare is 1350 KRW

10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon – Explore Oryukdo

  • Walk at the Skywalk Observatory, watch the mysterious islets of Oryukdo, enjoy the sea breeze and the unique view of the rock structures, walk over the trailing path to explore the whole area of the island 
  • Expenses: FREE

12:00 Noon – 12:30 PM – Lunch

  • There are several restaurants near the area of Oryukdo. You can go to the gated apartment buildings right next to the island to go to the restaurants or convenience stores. 
  • Expenses: Average price per meal is around 7,500 KRW

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM – Travel to Gamcheon Cultural Village

  • After lunch, take Bus 27 again to leave Oryukdo. Get off at Yeongju-dong bus stop and transfer to Bus Number 87. Get off at Chungmu-dong Intersection. At Chungmudong Intersection Bus stop, transfer to a small village bus number 03. This bus will take you to Gamcheon Cultural Village. 
  • Expenses: Bus fare is 4,050 KRW

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Explore Gamcheon Village

  • Gamcheon cultural village is a very colorful, attractive and interesting village. Go walk at the small alleys of Gamcheon, take beautiful photos, enter some random galleries and museums, make friends with the residents of the village and explore 
  • Expenses: FREE

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Travel to Samgwangsa Temple

  • Take any village bus and get off at the nearest Train Station, probably the “Toseong Yeok”. From Toseong Yeok, take subway line number 1 and get off at Seomyeon Yeok. From Seomyeon Yeok, go to the bus stop in front of Medical Centre which is located opposite the Lotte Department store. Take Bus Number 15 and get off at Samgwangsa Temple Stop. 
  • Expenses: 2700 KRW for the fare

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Explore Samgwangsa Temple

  • Look at the breathtaking view of the city from the top of the temple, observe the patrons and faithful as they worship and pray to their Gods, relax and meditate as the place is very conducive for deep thinking, explore the whole area 
  • Expenses: FREE

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Dinner and Travel to Songdo Haesoopia

  • You can take Bus number 15 from the temple and get off at Lotte Department Store which is near Seomyeon Station. Take your dinner from random Korean restaurants in the area, and then go to Seomyeon station, from Seomyeon Station, take the train and get off at Nampodong Station on line number 1. Go to Exit 1, walk straight ahead and take either Bus number 30 or 26 and get off at Daelim APT bus stop. The Jjimjilbang is just in front of the apartment. 
  • Expenses: Fare for the two buses and subway ride is 4,070 KRW

9:00 PM – Treat yourself a relaxing night at Songdo Haesoopia

  • Overlooking the Songdo bridge, Songdo Haesoopia is one of the most visited jjimjilbang in Busan. It’s a huge spa with big sleeping area and big sauna to give yourself some relaxing bath for a night. 
  • Expenses: 12,000 KRW for both spa and jjimjilbang


Day 2

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM – Leave Songdo Haesoopia and Travel to Jagalchi

  • You can take either bus number 26 or 30 right in front of the spa and get off at Jagalchi Market 
  • Expenses: 1350 for the bus fare

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM – Breakfast and Explore Jagalchi Market

  • A variety of seafood restaurants are all over the area of Jagalchi market. However, if seafood is not your type for a breakfast, you can just head to some random restaurants in the area. You can also explore Jagalchi Market and be amazed at how people in the market process the seafoods from the dock to the market. 
  • Expenses: You can allot around 10,000 won for your food

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM- Wander at BIFF zone

  • Go to BIFF zone which is just adjacent the Jagalchi Market. This is famous because every October, this place is the host for the Busan International Film Festival. You can also shop if you want, or just walk around the area and explore 
  • Expenses: FREE

9:30 AM-10:00 AM – Travel to Busan Station

  • Busan Station is just near the area, you can take a subway from the nearest subway station, which is probably Nampodong, to go to Busan Station. 
  • Expenses: Fare 1350 won

10:00 AM – Leave Busan

  • If you think 10:00 AM is too early to leave Busan, you can insert other places you want to visit. If you are planning to leave in the afternoon (Which is already beyond the 24 hours itinerary), here are other places I recommend you should visit:


-Busan Tower at Yongdusan Park(which is near the BIFF zone), you can CLICK HERE for reference

-Haeundae Beach for the beach lovers, you can CLICK HERE for the reference




Feel free to search for the locations of these other tourist attractions in BUSAN if you can spare more than 24 hours.

You may spend a total of 120,000 KRW to 150,000 KRW for this itinerary. It can be higher or lower based on your location of origin, the things you buy and other factors.

Here’s my shameless plug of the vide I created about my 24 hour trip to BUSAN.