How to Claim Your Lump Sum Refund of National Pension for Foreigners ( Kukmin) at the Airport

One of the benefits that an OFW in South Korea can claim when going home is the Kukmin or the National Pension. There are two ways to claim this, one is via remittance to your bank account in the Philippines, and second is by claiming it at Incheon Airport.

This article is for those who will choose to claim it at the airport. I am going to share every detail based on my experience. Anybody who decides to go home through Incheon Airport can choose this option and the application must be done within 1 month of departure.

Airport payment is not possible for the following conditions:

  • If the departure date is on Sunday, Saturday, or public holiday
  • If flight departure time is not within the office hours of Incheon Airport Counseling Center. Their office hour is between 11:00 – 24:00.

In the event that Airport payment is not possible, then the applicant must choose to receive the lump sum via domestic or overseas remittance.


1. Within 1 month before your departure, you should go to the National Pension Service Branch Office in your area.

2. Bring the following requirements:

  • Alien registration card
  • Passport
  • Air ticket
  • Domestic Bank Account (in case payment at the airport cannot be made)

3. Present the requirements at the NPS office and fill up the form

4. Choose to receive the lump sum at the airport

5. Take your Application for Airport Payment and other documents


At the day of your departure, you must be at the airport earlier than your flight to give time for the processing of your kukmin and other benefits. It is advisable to book your flight during weekdays and flight time should be at night time so you have ample time to process everything before you leave Korea. Here is the process on how to receive the lump sum at the airport.

>1. At the airport, proceed to Incheon Airport Counseling Center and present your Passport, Alien Card and Air Ticket. Although they don’t ask for Proof of Application Receipt, please have it ready in case they will look for it. This receipt should have been provided by the NPS office when you applied for it. They will give you your “Statement of Lump Sum Refund”.

 Location of Airport counseling center at the Airport is near the Arrival Hall A Gate #2 on the first floor of the passenger Terminal 

2. After that, bring your “Payment Order for Lump Sum Refund” at the Shinhan Bank Currency Exchange Booth which is located at the 1st Floor of the passenger terminal, near Exit 6 of Arrival Hall C. Present your passport and they will give you a receipt of currency exchange 

3. After passing through departure immigration step, collect the exchanged amount at the Shinhan Bank Currency Exchange Booth which is located at the 3rd floor of the passenger terminal near gate 43

That’s it! Pretty simple. Processing of kukmin at the airport will only take about 30 minutes, so it’s not that difficult to do.