Are You Qualified to Change Visa from E9 to E-7-4? Check Your Points Here!

The Government of South Korea has established a new visa scheme called E-7-4 Visa. The purpose of this visa is to solve the labor shortages in the sectors of Manufacturing, fishing and agriculture. Interested applicants can start submitting application on August 1, 2017. As a part of the demo program, the Ministry of Justice will issue 300 visas under this category. The quota for E-7-4 visa for next year is yet to be decided by the ministries involve in this program.

What exactly is E-7-4 Visa?

It’s a point based skilled workers’ Visa. The existing visa for non professional skilled workers is E9 Visa, and based on the required skills, E9 visa holders are the primary target of this kind of Visa. Those who have been working in manufacturing, fishing and agriculture for four years and more can get the chance to change the visa into E-7-4 considering the experience, skills and the amount of money they acquired from the current job.

What are the benefits of E-7-4 Visa?

When you have E-7-4 Visa, you don’t need to take another Korean Language test in the Philippines and go through the exam permit system again to go back to Korea because this visa can be extend every two years.With E-7-4 visa, you can have the opportunity to live and work in Korea continuously as long as you meet requirements based on points.

And Speaking of Points!

Since this is a point based visa, you must at least get 50 points out of the available 180 points. The breakdown of the points and its bases are as follows:

1. Technical points

Annual salary of 33 million won or more : 20 points

Annual salary is over 30 million won : 15 points

Salary over 26 million won : 10 points

Note: You must receive the above salary for two years.


2. Education points

University graduate or  higher : 20 points

College graduate : 10 points

High School graduate : 5 points


3. Age points

~ 24 years: 20 points

~ 29 years old: 10 points

~ 34 years: 5 points

~ 39 years old: 2 points


4. Korean Language ability

Topik 4, KIIP 4 or higher: 20 points

Topik level 3, KIIP level 3 : 15 points

Topik Level 2, KIIP Level 2 : 10 points

Topik Level 1, KIIP Level 1 : 5 points


5. Property points

More than 100 million savings: 15 points

More than 80 million won in savings: 10 points

More than 30 million won in savings: 5 points

Assets more than 100 million in Korea: 20 points

Assets more than 80 million won in Korea : 15 points

Assets more than 10 million won in Korea :10 points

The total savings must have been accumulated for more than two years.

If you have 100 million won in savings account and live in a house worth 100 million won, you get 35 points


6. Work experience points

Roots(ppuri) Industrial work experience more than 6 years: 15 points

More than 4 years of working experience in roots industry: 10 points

More than 6 years of working experience outside roots industry: 10 points

More than 4 years of working experience: 5 points

Working outside the root industry refers to agriculture, fishery, livestock industry, manufacturing, and construction.


7. Education in Korea points

University degree or higher in Korea: 10 points

College degree in Korea : 5 points

Language center in Korea 1 year or more: 5 points

Domestic center in Korea 1 year or more: 3 points


8. Addition

University or higher center in Korea: 10 points

College graduate center in Korea: 5 points

Government recommendation letter: 10 points

Work experience in province area: 10 points

Awards: 5 points

Volunteer activity: 3 points

Tax payment results: 1 ~ 5 points


From the 8 categories above, try to give yourself a point and see if you can get 50 points or more. If you think you have the chance, why not try to change your E9 visa to E-7-4 Visa.


  1. please help me to get a change a new visa E-7-4 VISA

  2. Replies
    1. Hi. Find a lawyer in korea that could help you go through the process

    2. I want to change my visa

  3. Can i ask you sir and mam.where the exact address or location for the change visa to e-7-4 visa.i want to go to apply to change my visa i think im qualified for requirements..thank you

  4. Can i ask you sir and mam.where the exact address or location for the change visa to e-7-4 visa.i want to go to apply to change my visa i think im qualified for requirements..thank you

    1. Hello sir. They don't accept application yet. Wait for august 1 for further information. Thanks!

    2. Hello sir. They don't accept application yet. Wait for august 1 for further information. Thanks!

  5. Mam Sir,
    i have a questions?

    1.I graduated from Metro manila College for four years cours. BS Criminology. Is this 20 points or 10 points? because my school is college not university?

    2. I work in province is theres a certain years of work in province to get a 10 points?

    3. I got a 정근상 in my class before in topik review class is this posible to use for award? to get 5 points?

    thank u very much for your help and nice and clear information about this topic.

    1. Hello June. For number 1. COllege graduate is 10 pts. for number 2: Yes, working in the province is also 10 point. Number 3: No, you must take a TOPIK or KIIP to determine your level. Certificates or awards have no points.

  6. Thank u for ur quick responce sir.

    About my number 3 question. I finished my kiip program. My question is about your post for no. 8 awards. 5 points. And I have 정근상 from last class for topik review. I recieved a certificate. Is this 5 points?

    And 2nd somebody told me that if the applicant salary is 26 million won per year or above he need to get 50 points or above
    BUT IF HEs salary is bellow 26 million won per year he NEEDS 70points to change the e9 visa to e7-4.

    3rd. Also The applicant must working in 뿌리산업 (root industry) if NOT he is not qualified to apply for e-7-4 visa.

    Pls. Let me know. Hoping ur responce sir.

    Once again thank u very much.

  7. Good evening sir/mam,

    Can i ask you again sir or mam,on august 01 the requirements submitting through the email or peronal to go in your office?i calculate my points as a 50 points.if 50 points sir or mam i have a change to change my visa to e-7-4 visa?pls sir en mam responce my question

  8. Good morning Sir/mam, i am qualified i can get an easy 50points my annual us more than 33 million so 20points working 10years now so 15points i work in provice 10points education im undergraduate sa atlist i get 5points age 2 points total 20+15+10+5+2= 52points so sir/mam how to do this can you help me thanks

  9. meron bang age limit

  10. Good day all. I'm a public attorney and private immigration agent for VISA. If you want to more detaily about E-7-4 Visa. Send your condition to my FB (

  11. Good day All. I'm public attorney and registered private immigration agent for VISA. If you want to know more detaily about E-7-4. you can ask something on my FB(

    1. How can i renew the visa?8월29일 끝나고요..whts the need document?please help me

  12. What"the maximent requirement ege for get E7-4visa?

    1. As of now; there's no age limit to get an e7-4 visa. But please understand that this program is still under observation, so there might be some changes soon

  13. Hello mam/sir. I have no visa at all. But the following categories i am qualified. So i can still get this visa E7-4? Even though idon't have E9 visa?

    Pls: waiting for responce sir/mam.

    1. Hi Mark. With no visa, I assume you mean you are an illegal alien in korea right? I guess you have to settle your migration problem first because eventhough you are qualifie for e7-4 visa, they won't grant you this because you broke their law.

  14. Hi! Good day to all!
    For example, you are e9 holder and you’d change to e7-4 visa, and from e9 visa your contract is 4yrs and 10 months, after this 4yrs and 10monhs do you need to exit for you to claim all the benefit like kukmin, samsung etc.. ? Or all benefits will just continue? And how about the salary will it rise a little compare to original e9 holder or just the same compensation?
    Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

  15. School level 10th passed can also apply for e7-4 visa please reply?

  16. Hello sir,help me i want to know my point in here.
    Can i?

  17. Hello sir,help me i want to know my point in here.
    Can i?

  18. Hello. There are changings in the programm for 2018 including to get 5 points the applicant can have savings 30 mil. My friend have savings in Korea 10 mil and 20 mil he sent to his country before (he didn't know that he would apply to e7). Is it possible to add up both savings in Korea and the amount which he has at home and apply to change the visa e9 to e7? I will be very thankfull for your reply!

  19. Is the nepalese e9 holders also can apply for this visa sir ?

  20. how many volunteering need for to get additional point-3,for E 7-4 visa?(E9 toE 7-4),i waiting for yours kind response.

  21. I have to changed my company .
    Then can I try to for e7-4 visa?

  22. Hi good afternoon ..if those people who works at food manufacturing industry (tofu) can apply e7-4 visa in korea? Should they can apply for that? Thanks for the response


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