Namsan Tower- Seoul’s Center of Attention

You’ve seen it in a lot of Korean Drama. You’ve probably seen it too in your favorite K Pop music video. I am not surprised if it’s in a Korean Movie. And if I am not wrong, you’ve heard about it and all its glory. 

Standing tall and proud in the heart of Seoul, you will see a majestic tower that you could probably see it from any perspective within Seoul, the Namsan Tower.

It is located in the famous tourist spot in Seoul, the Namsan. While the place offers so much fun and a lot of activities, the tower is one of the main reasons why people ko to Namsan. 

At daytime, you will see the tower beaming with its charm as it watches the whole city of Seoul all throughout the day. Little did he know that the whole of Seoul is watching over him too. 

At nighttime, the tower is glowing with its flashing colorful lights enticing every human eyes it catches.
For me, if there’s one thing that symbolizes Korea, it’s not the Hallyu wave, not the kdrama and definitely not Lee Min Ho. The star of the city really is no other than the Namsan Tower. 

Next time you go to Korea, go visit the Namsan Tower and get a glimpse of the whole city of Seoul from a higher perspective. 


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