Travel Korea with K-Travel Bus

When I had the privilege to explore South Korea, my mantra would always be “So many places to visit, so little time”. This little island has too much to offer than its size. In order to maximize your time, you should do a lot of planning when it comes to the itinerary. Every city and every province has something different to offer to the tourists and for us to really get to know the characteristics of the provinces in South Korea, there must be a strategy to get the most out of the experience. 

One of the most time-consuming parts of traveling to South Korea is the commute. I can attest how public transportation is very efficient in this country, but even at its excellence, I must admit that commuting takes a lot of time in the itinerary. Buses and trains have schedules to follow; transferring from one mode of transportation to another also takes time and identifying what train lines or bus numbers to take to get to the destination you want are definitely a party-pooper.

The good news is, Korea has this thing called K-Travel Bus

What is this thing? 

Well, K-Travel bus will take you to must-go places in the selected provinces in South Korea. They work with professional agents, drivers, and local hotels, restaurants and provides a unique trip to one of the 7 locations for a night and two days.

K-Travel Bus can take you to Daegu, the third-largest city in Korea. You can experience the different tourist attractions in this place like the oldest traditional spot called Yakreongsi, the Seomun market, the Daegu Modern Street, and of course the Food Street. 

Daegu cafe food street

K_Travel Bus can also take you to Gangwondo. There are a lot of National Parks in this place like Mt.Sorak, Mt.Tebaeksan, and Mt. Odaesan. There are also a lot of beautiful beaches in Gangwondo like Sokcho, Naksan, and Yangyang.

How about, walking down memory lane to Chungcheongbukdo? This place will tell you the history of three different dynasties, Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. Experience and feel the ambiance of ancient Korea in this province.

You can also take a side trip to Jeollanamdo where you can go visit the Suncheonman and Nakaneupsung in Suncheon and also the Odongdo and Leesunshin Square in Yeosu.

Go take a look at how people live in the Silla Dynasty era at Gyeongsangbukdo. You can do a lot of historical and cultural heritages and sightseeing in this province.

K-Travel Bus will also take you to the historical city called Gongju where you can see the lifestyle from the Paleolithic age,

And lastly, you can visit Changwon, an artistic city. There’s so much art you can see here like literally, every corner and every alley has a touch of art.

So imagine visiting all the must-go places in one of these awesome provinces in South Korea in a span of two days. Isn’t it amazing? You can only do this with K-Travel Bus. 

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Next time you go for K-TRAVEL, why not take K-TRAVEL BUS to maximize your Korea Trip Experience.