Sandara Park’s “In or Out” Gets Zombie-fied in Netflix's Army of the Dead Version


The Zombie Version of In or Out

“In or Out” is Sandara Park’s debut song in the Philippines 17 years ago. Since its release, this song has captured the heart of the young demographics and also the young at hearts. Though it is already an old song, it always stays relevant because the beat and the content of the song are relatable to the millennials.

Netflix has made a new version of the song for the horror-comedy film Army of the Dead. Using the same tune of “In or Out”, the lyrics of the song have been changed to introduce characters and a little bit of synopsis of the movie. Judging from the trailer, the Zach Snyder film is like a fusion of The Walking Dead and Money Heist with a touch of comedy. So this is not at all scary, and not too serious. 

In this reboot of “In Or Out”, the song is sung by a zombie band with a vocalist that pretty much sounds and looks like Bruno Mars. In a true Sandara Park’s fashion, the zombies in this song are not at all scary because there’s a touch of Kpop. They are fashionable zombies and cute too. So, a youthful song, with new funny lyrics sang by not so scary zombies, we can easily conclude that the movie is a mixture of genres we don’t expect to come together but with high-value entertainment.

You can watch the Zombie version of In or Out here: