Monday, February 24, 2020

Filipina Migrant Shares “Ghost Town-ish” Photos of COVID19 Hit Daegu

The downtown Daegu (Photo Credit: Shin Nyledam)

On Sunday Evening, South Korean government set COVID19 alert  to its “Highest” level as numbers of infected individuals spiked up to more than 800 already. Of the more than 800 confirmed patients, 7 have already died(as of this writing) and there's a possibility that the number will continue to grow.

COVID19 has spread through different areas of South Korea, but the most numbers of patients came from Daegu, a city in the southern part of South Korea. A Filipina Migrant who lived in Daegu shared some photos of a once lively and Colorful Daegu. I've been to Daegu once before and I can say that this city is Alive especially at night where the street food market is the star of the show.

On her Facebook timeline, she posted this area which is at the corner of Olive Young and H&M. According to her, this area right here used to have a lot of people, but as per her latest visit, not a single soul is found in the area.

Another area notorious for having a lot of people is the Downtown stage. This stage right here is where most of the city's event is held to entertain the public. After the COVID19 outbreak, not a single event is held in this area.

This is Debec Baekhwajeom in the Downtown area. No people, just news person trying to get a scope on the area.

There are still public buses going around the city but most of them only contain 1 to 4 passengers, some have even no passenger at all.

Businesses are greatly affected because even the shopping centers are empty.

This street right here used to be a busy street especially during Sunday because Churchgoers usually pass through here to go to church. 

She also mentioned the eerie silence in Pyeongli Dong Lotte Castle. This place was used to be the playground of kids and old people usually go here to catch some sunlight. 

At Primemall, this is now how the usual day looks like.

Commuting too is very difficult because there are only few taxis available in the area. The author of the post has to gear up like this to ensure maximum protection.

As of this writing, Daegu has been locked down as they traced the spread of virus from a Daegu based cult .

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Crash Landing On You Fever: Filipina Migrant in Korea Visits Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok's House

Behind is the house of Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok
Photo credit: Andrea Cepe

How far will you go to prove your worth as a Kdrama fan?

For a Filipina migrant in Korea, Andrea Carla Cepe, she didn't mind traveling from Busan to a far flung town of Taean just to visit the house of Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, the main character of the latest Kdrama craze in Korea, Crash Landing On You. She traveled a whopping 5 hours just to visit the place. According to her, the location of the house is very far from the city and it would take more than 5 hours to go there if you commute if you came from the South and probably around 3 hours if from Seoul.

Although the house is depicted to be located in North Korea, Taean is still actually part of South Korea, so yes, it is still possible to go there.

For those of you who are interested to visit this place, these are the information you need to know:

* The best time to go there is before 8 am because apparently, the area is guarded during daytime and you may not allowed to enter the house if you go there after 8 am

*As I've said, the place is very far, the complete address is this:

    충남 태안군 고남면 안면대로 3741-119
    (Chungnam Taean-gun gonam-myeon anmyeondaero 3741-119)

*Accordingly, they set up the house to be used as one of the filming locations of the TV series and they will about to demolish this.

*Andrea visited this place last February 15, 2020 and is still there as of this writing. However, we don't know when they're going to demolish the house, so better do a research before you go there.

For some of us who unfortunately can't go there physically, let's watch Andrea as she will tour us virtually in the house of  Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok:

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Who Will be the Casts of Running Man Philippines?

Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has recently inked an agreement with GMA Network in the Philippines for a Filipino adaptation of the longest running variety show in Korea, the Running Man. The said show will be aired in GMA Network in 2021. This is after a successful “run” of the show in China and Vietnam.

Running Man Philippines will follow the same format as in the Korean version but with a Filipino twist. There will be games and performances but with an added elements of Filipino culture to be incorporated in all of the reality shows segment.

The Original casts of Running Man Korea are Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo, Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min. Now, as the Running Man Philippines is set to air in the country in 2021, the big question is, who will be joining the casts of the Filipino version of this longest running reality show in Korea.

It goes without saying that Kapuso Stars will of course star in the said show. Netizens quickly suggested GMA artists to be included in the variety show. One of the most mentioned name is no other than, Michael V. Bitoy has already proven his worth when it comes to comedy, but comedy reality TV show? Can he still pull it off?

Other names mentioned so far by the netizens is the tandem of JoWaPaoMeng. Jose, Wally, Paolo and Maine built their chemistry in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye segment and their tandem could be a great addition to the casts.

Jennelyn Mercado, Benjie Paras, Paolo Contis, Chariz Solomon, Mika Dela Cruz and the love team RitKen are among the names mentioned by netizens.

GMA should be very critical in selecting the casts for this show because the success of the show will greatly rely on the artists.

How about you, who's your Kapuso artist bet to be included in this fun show?


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Appreciating the Aesthetics of Udo Island

Udo Island is a small island located in Jeju Island.

Whew, that was a lot of “island” right there.

Literally, U-do means “Cow Island” where U means cow and “Do” means island.

Alright, this is an “island”-ful article I'm writing right here.

One best thing that Udo can offer, aside from the relaxing ambiance, fresh air and a great coastal view is the aesthetic beauty of the place. Every corner at Udo is instagrammable and is a great venue for photography and whatnot.

In order to enjoy the beauty of Udo, you need to rent either a bike or motorbike at very affordable price. You can use that to go around the island and you have the whole day to do that.

What exactly can you see around the island?

Well, you'll see different kind of sculptures along the coastal road.

Cafes with colorful designs and decoration.

And a great view of the sea from the road.

There are restaurants that offer food specialties of Udo like seafoods and peanut ice cream. Also, you can see a lot of “tol hareubangs” in the area which serve as the protector of the whole island that guard the locals from bad spirits and elements.

Udo island is located at the northeast of Seongsan. You can reach the place by riding a ferry that operates from 8 am to 6 pm.