Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Indonesian Remake of "Kita Kita" CINTA ITU BUTA Shot in Busan

Kita Kita, the most successful Filipino indie film, has an Indonesian remake courtesy of movie director and writer Sigrid Andrea Bernardo. However, instead of following the original movie's shooting location which is in Japan, the Indonesian remake was shot in Busan, South Korea.

In the trailer, one of the locations that gets most of the exposure is the famous tourist spot in Busan which is the Gamcheon Cultural Village. It's an art village with colorful houses and a lot of interesting things to see in its alleys and corners. The main character of the movie also lives in this village.

Another interesting location as seen on its trailer is the Gwangan bridge. This bridge is considered as the longest bi-level bridge in Korea. There are several top view shots taken for this movie.

Of course, Busan is not without Haeundae beach. In some scenes of the trailer, we can see the couple enjoying boat sailing in the beautiful water of the beach.

Cinta Itu Buta will be shown in cinemas in Indonesia on October 10, 2019. There are several other interesting places in Busan which might be included in this movie and the only way to find out is to watch the full movie of Cinta Itu Buta.

Watch the full trailer of the movie CINTA ITU BUTA

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Applicants With These Physical Conditions Are Prohibited to Work as Factory Worker in South Korea

If you want to work in South Korea as a factory worker, you have to go through the process of Point System. Unlike the EPS-TOPIK based recruitment, the newly implemented point system is more challenging as it comprehensively examine not only the Korean language skill of the applicants but also the skills, experiences and most of all, the physical conditions.

Under the new Point based system, applicants with the following physical conditions are prohibited to work in South Korea.

1. Color Blindness
2. Color Weakness
3. Slip discs
4. Finger Amputations
5. Other Physical Handicaps

Eventhough you passed the language test, you cannot pass the point system if you have physical conditions as stated above. This list was included in the “Announcement on Implementation of Point System for Recruitment of Foreign Workers” as posted in POEA website. You can check in their website for further verification.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Filipino Casts of the Remake of Korean Movie Miracle in Cell Number 7

The 2013 Korean movie “Miracle in Cell No. 7” has made a great impact to the world, especially the Philippines. Unlike any other Korean movies, this is not a love story. It is a comedy-drama film which starred Korean stars Ryu Seung-ryong, Kal So-won, and Park Shin-hye.

The premise of the movie is about a mentally challenged man named Yong-gu who was wrongfully imprisoned. His inmates will help him see his daughter again.

The 3 main characters of the movie will soon have its Filipino counterparts in the remake of Miracle in Cell Number 7. The character of Yong-gu will be played by Mr. Aga Mulach, while Xia Vigor will play the role of Aga's daughter. Bella Padilla on the other hand will play the adult version of Xia's character.

Miracle in Cell Number 7 will be part of 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival. Full casts of Pinoy Remake of Miracle in Cell Number 7 will be revealed soon.

Friday, August 2, 2019


Everybody who watched  TRAIN TO BUSAN is still experiencing zombie apocalypse hangover after more than one year since the release of the movie. Fans of the said movie are demanding a sequel of the movie, they want to see more about what happened after the zombie outbreak as depicted in the movie TRAIN TO BUSAN.

Well, the producers and the director heard you. Another zombie movie is set to be released this 2019 and it's a sequel to the epic TRAIN TO BUSAN. The title of the movie is BANDU, a Korean word which means PENINSULA. So it's safe to say that the setting is not just on the train or in Busan but the whole Korean Peninsula.

The movie is set four years after what happened to the train to Busan. Actor Kang Dong Won will topbill the movie as one of the last surviving people. He will be joined by another actress Lee Jung Hyun whose character is a strong woman who will help people fight and survive the deads. Another actor to join the team is Kwon Hae Yo who will portray as a prominent doctor. Kim Min Jae is also one of the casts.

As of now, the premise of the movie is still at scarce. Aside from revealing the casts, the film hasn't released any teaser yet, just some movie posters and a little introduction to the story. We will soon see the teaser of Bandu once available. Are you excited to watch Train To Busan Part 2?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

MISSION RUN - The Fun Way to Tour Seoul with TRIS

During my last month stay in South Korea, I had this opportunity to join a scavenger hunt game in Seoul organized by Soul of Seoul. Our group, composed of four Filipino expatriates in South Korea, had competed against other groups coming from different countries, mostly working as English Teachers in South Korea. We've done several tasks to earn points which was the basis for winning. We cooked Korean pancake called Pajeon in a local  restaurant, visited a photography studio for some fun photo session, located several tourist spots in Seoul like Han Gang River and interacted with the locals to do some challenges, all for the sake of points. Well, we didn't win, but what we realized about that game was, we got to know more about Seoul. It was a fun way of educating ourselves about the culture of Korea and the hidden gems of Seoul.

Now, here's the news! You can now tour Seoul in the most unconventional but exciting and fun way! Introducing the Mission Run, a program formulated by the newest and most reliable travel organizer called TRIS. TRIS is a tour company in South Korea managed by talented locals of the country. It's a platform where you can request a proposal to tailor your travel in South Korea the way you want it. One of the services they offer is to organize a Scavenger Hunt-ish way of discovering the beauty of Seoul under the program called MISSION RUN. If you want to know more about TRIS, you can CLICK THIS LINK for more information.

If you are a fan of South Korea, as influenced by HALLYU, you maybe familiar with a TV program called “RUNNING MAN”.  Well, you can be a star of your own show if you will subscribe to the Mission Run program of this company. You will go complete different missions a la Running Man. This mission is composed of challenges as setup by TRIS staff, and while you do complete the challenges, you actually get to know Seoul better as part of your tour. TRIS will not only provide the mission set up but they will also send camera crew, producers and editors that will document your mission. The video below is a sample of what will you about to embark if you will choose Mission Run as your tour program in Seoul.

If you are up for a challenge and if you want to know Seoul better in a fun way, let's talk and I will help you connect with TRIS to make all these things possible. You can send me email at saranghaekorea0824@gmail.com or drop a comment for your inquiries.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Stairway to Hyangiram Hermitage

I've never shared anything yet about my trip to Hyangiram in the southern part of South Korea. It happened more than one year ago already but I can still smell the place, I still have vivid memory of the beautiful view I witnessed while I was up there and I can still hear the busy noise of food vendors and locals who flocked to this infamous tourist spot in Yeosu in Jeollanam-do province.

Hyangiram Hermitage is one of the four Buddhist hermitages in South Korea. It is located 30 km away from the main city of Yeosu. I hesitated at first to go there because it's so far, and for somebody who is new to the place, without any local to guide me, going there was a little bit of a challenge. It was a one hour long and winding journey via bus Number 113. It was not a boring ride though because the views while on the road are spectacular. The wide blue sea, the green trees and the mountains assured me that I'll be fine on my own and I am on the right track.

When we arrived at the area, I was so sure that I'm on the top of the mountain because I was overlooking the sea. However, because there are establishments up there and pretty big community, it doesn't feel like a mountain. A small village welcomed us. At first look, it's jut like any other villages in Korea, except that the area is on an uphill. The smell of kimchi and other seafood filled the air as I passed by the food stalls at the sidewalk. I blindly followed the crowd towards the location of my target destination, the Hyangiram Hermitage.

Just when I thought I have already reached my destination, oh boy I was so wrong. I found out that in order to reach Hyangiram, I must climb a steep concrete stairway. In short, I have to do something I didn't sign up for, a mountain climbing. As much as I want to romanticize it by saying that the road up there is concrete, well constructed and convenient,  I could not deny the fact that it's like climbing a mountain.

I knew I was in for a spiritual treat because statues of “little Buddha” (I don't know how to call it), displaying different emotions, are set to welcome and maybe encourage the visitors to keep climbing. The uphill climb was indeed challenging and at the same time fulfilling. I could easily forget the burden of going up there because the air was so refreshing, thanks to the abundance of camellia trees, and the panoramic view of the sea.

As I continued to walk uphill via the concrete stairway, I saw  plenty of carved stones and temples of some sort. These are the symbols in Buddhism and are maybe conveying important messages that only the believers of Buddha can understand. I also saw some of the patrons praying and/or giving courtesy to the statues built in certain part of the mountain.

Generally, it was a fun and memorable trip. Although I am not a believer of Buddha, I appreciate how followers showed their loyalty and respect to him. Whether you go there to worship or to have leisure time, you would definitely enjoy the trip to Hyangiram Hermitage.

The entrance fee to enter Hyangiram is only 2,000 won for adult, 1,500 won for teenagers and only 1,000 won for kids. In order to reach Hyangiram via public transportation, you can take Bus 111 or Bus 114 and get off at  Impo (임포 (향일암)) bus stop. Please also take note that there's a bus schedule for this route, so you'll know what time you should return to the bus stop because it's a little bit far from Hyangiram and requires hiking.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

How K-Pop Influences Philippine Politics?

I woke up one morning to Momoland's famous song Boom Boom. It was loud, louder than 10 alarm clocks combined. I calmed myself out of my stupor and realized that the song was tagalized. I listened eagerly and later on found out that it's actually repeating a surname in the lyrics. Now that explains it, it's campaign period all over again, and the politician is wise enough to use a famous song like this for their jingle.

Not too long after that, another vehicle with a sound system passed by with another K-pop song campaigning for another candidate. I don't know how music copyright works, but I wonder if agencies of this K-pop songs are aware that somewhere in the province of Philippines, some politicians are using their songs to gain voters. I guess the politicians in the Philippines are capitalizing on the idea of “Kinain ng sistema ng K-pop” to gain support especially the millineals.

If you are a voter and a hardcore K-pop fan, would you vote for a candidate just because they're using your idol's famous song? On the contrary, would you not vote for the politician for murdering the fandom's anthems? Whether it has positive or negative effect, only one thing is for sure, the politician was able to advertise its profile and platform in the most creative and annoying way.

I just find it funny though that although there's a massive alteration to the lyrics of the song, and by alteration I mean replacing every single word into political message, I still see kids dancing to the tune. So I guess that's the advantage of using such familiar music for political campaign, people will listen to it, and at the end of it all, the campaign has penetrated into every listener's subconscious.

I wonder how Kpop fans in the Philippines react to this. Are you annoyed by how the politician tweaked the lyrics of your favorite K-pop song?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Agencies of EXO and TWICE Will Take Strong Legal Action for Links to Seungri and Jung Joon Young Sex Video Scandal

SM Entertainment and JYP, agencies of EXO and Twice respectively, threaten legal action for those who spread rumors linking a “hot Kpop male idol” from EXO and a kpop girl group TWICE to the sex video scandal involving two K-pop idols Seungri and Jung Joon Young.

Seungri and Jung have reportedly retired in the music scene following their involvement in the controversy and are now under investigation by the authorities. However, rumors online spread like a wildfire that aside from the two kpop idols, member of popular boy band EXO and girl group TWICE are also involve in this issue.

However, agencies of the respective bands are quick to deny the rumor and came to the defense of the questioned artists. Here are the Official Statements from both agencies.

SM Entertainment for Exo,:

“The rumours about our artiste that are being spread online are groundless rumours, and the expansion of this false information is causing serious damage to the artiste and agency.”

“We therefore announce that we will take strong legal action against those who have engaged in such illegal actions (writing, posting, and spreading false rumours).

“We will continue to take strong legal action against such malicious rumours and ask you to actively report to us (protect@smtown.com).”

“Regarding rumours related to our artiste that are currently spreading on online communities, the judgment was made that the severity and contents of the rumours can cause serious damage to the artiste's image, honour, and character.

“As a result, we are announcing that we will seek out all possible legal actions against those who initially posted and spread (the rumours).

“We are currently collecting evidence about this matter and are discussing plans for action with internal and external law firms.

“We request that fans send in tips to help take quick action on this matter. We are once again announcing that as an agency, we are considering all possible measures and actions for the rights and interests of our artiste.”